Cottage Homes

Cottage Lots will have street façade homes that will line the street to create a welcoming arrival upon entering the community. These homes will present themselves to the street with front porches, walled patios, gardens, or courtyards to greet passers-by and to provide an intimate and unique street scape. These homes will be efficiently designed to maximize livable space and the indoor/outdoor connectivity, providing a sophisticated environment with minimal maintenance required. Accommodating life in the great outdoors, these homes will utilize enclosed courtyards outfitted with gardens, plunge pools, fountains, and or fireplaces.

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Forest View Homes

Forest View Homes are located on larger lots found deeper into the neighborhood and are nestled among a mix of hardwoods and pine trees. Connecting them with the outdoor lifestyle, these homes will provide utility spaces to accommodate activities such as boating, fishing, hiking, dog washing, etc.

These homes will be built on an elevated foundation in response to individual site topography. The architectural design of these homes may take the approach of being “unbundled,” utilizing detached garages, guesthouses or other ancillary structures.


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Lake View Homes

Lake View Homes are found wrapping the lakeshore, featuring dramatic vistas as they are perched above the water on varied degrees of sloping topography. Similar to the forest view homes, they too will be nestled among a mix of hardwoods and pine trees offering stunning views to the water. With the tree cover and lake views, these homes will provide a perfect enclave for a family- friendly retreat or be a quiet sanctuary hidden among the trees. 

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